Is there anything better than cinema

Personally I cannot think of anything better than going to a cinema. I have done many great things in my life for example family holidays, High School formal, weddings or going to watch Australia play in the cricket at the Sydney Cricket Ground. Cinema is a place where you can go and get lost and go to a different world and sometimes it can be a reflection of our own personal lives.

Cinema has been a big part of my life as I have been going since I was 5. The first movie I saw was The Rugrats Movie and the theatre was packed. There must have been about 200 to 300 people there as I sat alongside my mother and sister. It was a great experience and ever since then I make sure I went to the cinema once a month.

According to Torsten’s Hagastrand’s there are three constraints to cinema that you must follow.

  1. How did you get to the cinema?
  2. What happened in the cinema?
  3. What will happen with cinema attendance in the next five to ten years.

(Bowles 2015)

These three constraints sum up the whole cinema experience and helps us identify place. It is important to know how we got to cinema, what happened and the future of cinema because with these questions it will help us understand why we make certain choices in order to feel comfortable in our place.

I recently went and saw a film called The Gift which is an American film written, directed and produced by Australian Joel Edgerton who also stars in the film. I really wanted to see this film as Joel Edgerton is one of my favourite Australian actors and he has proven that he has the talent to write a screenplay with films like Felony and The Rover. Other than knowing that Joel Edgerton was in this film I did not know a single thing about this film as I try my very hardest to come into a movie with a free mind.

O Malley 2015

I Drove 20 kilometres to the nearest cinema and I was with my sister. As we watched the film we could feel the suspense and we very intrigued by the story. We sat in the middle of the theatre where we normally sit when we go to the movies. The theatre was half packed and they all seemed to be gripped by this film. There were moments of this film which were quite scary. There was a scene which was building up to a jump scare and a person opened the door to go back into the cinema and everyone looked to the back right. There was one girl who gasped as she heard the noise of the door and everyone laughed. Overall this film is a great film to go and see at the cinema. The performances are amazing and a film that cannot get out of my mind. Joel Edgerton has proved that he is not only a talented actor but he is an artist and a very gifted director and screenwriter.

With films like The Gift the notion of Cinema can become quite easy to define. Cinema is a public place and also a place for interaction and has changed over a long period of time. If you go back to the 1950s and 60s it was common for people to go to the cinema quite regularly but soon as television it has not become a norm for people to go to the cinema anymore. Today there are still a lot of people that go to the cinema and I feel that it does have a future. If we can get more films like The Gift I expect cinema attendance to increase.


Bowles, K 2015 “cinema strangers in public” power point presentation BCM240, UOW,viewed 24 August