Less rip, Less burn, Lets hear original

I love music and I can listen to quite a broad range of music from rock to dance music. Pretty much anything that is not Screamo. I don’t mind remixes of some songs but there are times where I believe that the original song is better than the remix version. My example is the band Cornershop who released this song called Brimful of Asha.

This original version of the song only peaked to number 60 on the UK charts in its release of 1997. The song was remixed by Fatboy Slim or also known as Norman cook which was released February of 1998.

This proved to be a lot more successful topping charts in the US, UK and Australia. I always impose the question how on earth did this version become so successful in comparison to the original. To explain this Fatboy slim at the time was more commercially successful, he released his second studio album You’ve come a long way baby. This album was essentially remixed from similar sounds of genres like reggae, hip hop and jangle pop. For example the song praise you is based on a piano and vocal sample from camille yarbrough.

But over the past few years we have seen songs that have been hugely successful and weeks later we see a release of a remix of that song. This can be seen with Lana Del Rey with her songs summertime sadness and young & beautiful. According to billboard charts both songs peaked into the top 25 summertime sadness peaking at 6 and young & beautiful number 22. Both songs were then remixed as people believe that her songs work well with techno and dubstep sounds. Remixes of songs are being more integrated into our culture which I don’t think is a bad thing. It is a way of showing creativity but some times people forget how good the original version was because we hear the remix version constantly.

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